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Footnotes: We’ve Got Another Insider Trader On Our Hands; A Possible Deloitte Eff Up; EY Helps Out Some Kids | 12.18.13

Someone won that ginormous Mega Millions jackpot and it wasn't you [CNN]

Speaking of the lottery, one of the winning tickets sold in San Jose isn't a winner for the city coffers [Mercury News]

In case you haven't heard, GC is putting together Santa's Naughty/Nice list (of accounting). We've got all the usual suspects on there (Sam Antar, Scott London, those guys from the CAQ in really flashy suits that always corner us at conferences, etc) but if you'd like to add your own, let us know:

SAC Capital employee found guilty of insider trading [USA Today]

It's official, tax season starts on January 31 OH JOY [AccountingWEB]

As if people wearing Google Glass weren't creepy enough, now you can wink to take photos [Mashable]

If you, like me, can easily drop a rack at Target in a single trip, you might want to keep an eye on your bank account as some jerks got their paws on important financial data [Forbes]

Bitcoin is down. Way, way down. Hope you got in and out in time, otherwise meh, there's always next time “The narrative of Bitcoin has been that, aside from all of its Libertarian roots, one of the benefits of it is to allow the frictionless transfer of finances between countries in a way that’s not regulated by governments,” Mollick says. “I think that what this showed is that there is a long way to go before that’s true – if it ever will be.” [CS Monitor]

Shareholders for an insurer across the pond are wondering out loud if Deloitte did a shitty job auditing the company [FT]

The Chicago office of EY is getting a bunch of iPads for underprivileged kids who need to learn and stuff, aww [PR]