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Footnotes: Busy Season Lies; Can the IRS Stop the House?; A Literal Goldmine Among Dog Poo | 02.24.14

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Networking [Harvard Business Review]

Mac users, I hope you've already updated (this goes for your devices too) due to a major security flaw [Mac Rumors]

12% of Americans say it's OK to cheat on taxes [CNN Money]

A California couple taking their dog for a walk found $10 million in old gold coins buried in their backyard. Have faith, capital market servants, you too might one day be filthy rich by shoveling shit [Daily Mail]

Credit Suisse Helped Clients Hide Up to $10 Billion, Senate Says [AT]

Whatever you have to tell yourself to get through it [Twitter]

The House will consider Dave Camp's Stop Targeting of Political Beliefs by the IRS Act of 2014 this week []

Madoff aide: I didn't know about the scam Longtime Bernard Madoff assistant Annette Bongiorno told a jury Tuesday she backdated financial trades virtually every day during her 40-year-career — yet never knew she was aiding her boss' massive Ponzi scheme. Testifying in her own defense for a second day against fraud and other charges, Bongiorno described an operation where Madoff promised clients regular, high-interest gains, where he told her to bring accounts "into line" after the fact to hit those targets and where she unquestioningly followed his instructions. [USA Today]