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Footnotes: We Don’t Know No Stinking SAC Capital; One Tax Preparer REALLY Likes Tax Preparing; Sensible Menswear Rejoice! | 03.11.14

Issa Issues Report Ripping Lois Lerner [Roll Call]

Dianne Feinstein is mad the CIA may have spied on her, which is sort of like Bernie Madoff getting mad at a thief stealing his wallet [POLITICO]

Does a scandal-ridden firm by any other name still smell as foul? What do you do when your reputation has been so dragged through the mud that you fear the world might not do business with you again? You change your name! At least, that seems to be Steven A. Cohen’s choice. Cohen has decided to change the name of his much-maligned hedge fund from SAC Capital (representing the initials of its founder), to Point72 Asset Management, reflecting the address of the fund’s headquarters at 72 Cummings Point Road, according to a New York Times report. [Quartz]

Camp Hits Popular Deductions Hard [Forbes]

The Mt Gox sitch just got real, yo [Bloomberg]

Bank of England Governor Pledges More Integrity After Currency Inquiry [DealBook]

Today was a good day for generic business fashion for men in America [USA Today]

Republicans are holding Ukraine aid hostage unless they can cockblock the IRS' cockblocking of "non-profit" groups [Bloomberg]

A Florida tax preparer who was barred from filing tax returns is in trouble for filing tax returns [Orlando Sentinel]

ICYMI: a man (covered in tattoos, no less) called 911 after his kid pulled their cat's tail, the man kicked the cat, and then the cat went apeshit on the whole lot of them. Please spay and neuter your people, people [Gawker]