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Footnotes: The Church of TV; This Welfare Fraud is Rich; A Field Guide to Bros | 04.02.14

More Americans see middle class status slipping [Houston Chronicle]

Fort Lauderdale Accountant Can Help You Claim Bitcoin Gains/Losses on Taxes [Broward Palm Beach NT]

A Minnesota couple with a $1.2 million yacht has been busted for welfare fraud [FOX]

Can A Television Network Be A Church? The IRS Says Yes [NPR]

If you drive an Escalade, the IRS is probably going to figure out you make more than $8,000 a year… [Columbus Dispatch]

How Alaska and Wyoming Make People From Elsewhere Pay Their Taxes [BBW]

U.S. senator accuses GM of 'culture of cover-up' in recalls If you see something, say something [Reuters]

The Trading Floor Isn't Dead Yet [Bloomberg View]

Finally, someone has plotted out a field guide to America's bros. Raise your hand if you are Chicago bro. Hey, bro. [Jezebel]