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Footnotes: Viva Capitalism!; Smart, Rich White Guys Get Scammed More Often | 10.10.13

Male, rich and smart? You're a scammer's dream CC: a large chunk of the GC readership. [CNBC]

Auction house owner pleads guilty to fraud [Chicago Tribune]

The government shutdown is making life for some who owe the IRS really, really not good. [Forbes]

On the flipside, the shutdown isn't so bad for people who don't like receiving letters from the IRS [Accounting Today]

Website helps people ‘drunk dial’ Congress If you needed something to do this weekend… [The Hill]

Hold onto your S-1s, people, companies might be delaying IPOs due to uncertainty over the government's ability to be, er, the government [Reuters]

The funny part about a government default is that basically no one can stop checks from bouncing [Businessweek]

CFOs are finding it hard to plan around an unknown [CFO Journal]

Directors Object to New Audit Report, Survey Says [Compliance Week]

In capitalism news, some guys are cleaning up on Banksy's latest work in a slightly sketch East New York 'hood [Gawker]

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