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Former CPA and Procrastinator Ordered By the State to Get Around to Removing “CPA” From All Her Stuff

Attention Maine peeps, be on the look out for this menace to the integrity of the profession. The state has been trying to get her to take her sign down but since she apparently hasn't had time to do so, they've taken it a step further by putting out a press release (HINT HINT Val, get on it):

Commissioner Anne L. Head of Maine’s Department of Professional and Financial Regulation warned consumers that Valerie Alex of Rockport has not had a license to practice as a Certified Public Accountant in Maine since 2010, and her certificate as a Certified Public Accountant (which is the basis upon which annual permits to practice are issued) was revoked more than a year ago by the Maine Board of Accountancy.

In a September 19, 2012 order, Ms. Alex was found to have been holding herself out to the public as a CPA long after the expiration of both her individual and firm certified public accounting licenses. The Board’s order also found that Ms. Alex had failed to comply with a prior Board order, issued in February 2012, resulting from her failure to properly file an income tax return, failure to follow-up with the IRS to resolve that matter, and failure to provide documents requested of her by the Maine Attorney General’s Office. In the September order, Ms. Alex was ordered to remove her office signage in Warren, Maine and to shut-down her website

Despite receiving a copy of the Board’s September 19, 2012 order, and subsequent contact from Board staff, Ms. Alex has continued to hold herself out to be a licensed CPA. Ms. Alex has continued to advertise her CPA firm through signage in Warren and through her website, which advertises the firm’s work with the motto “Quality. Service. Ethics”.

At a meeting of the Board of Accountancy held in November, 2013, members expressed concern that Ms. Alex has continued to ignore the Board’s 2012 order. It has referred the matter to the Maine Attorney General’s Office for further enforcement action.

“Consumers should be aware that Valerie Alex’s certificate as a Certified Public Accountant has been revoked. She is not a Certified Public Accountant,” Commissioner Head said. “Her certificate has been revoked because of a history and pattern of misconduct and failure to comply with orders of the Maine Board of Accountancy. Although she has continued to advertise herself as a Certified Public Accountant, consumers should not hire her to perform work as a certified public accountant.”

The best part about this is that Alex was previously slapped around by the Board for blowing them off and "flaunting," which is pretty much an awesome thing to be accused of (if your professional license isn't involved):

The state Board sanctioned Alex last year for failing to respond to any Board correspondence or make payment of previously ordered fines. The sanctions also were imposed because Alex has individually remained without a license since September 2010 and her firm has been unlicensed since December 2009, all the while continuing to maintain a website and holding herself and her firm out to the public as licensed.

The sanctions included notifying federal and state tax authorities of the Board's information and action, and referring the matter to the state Attorney General's Office.

In addition, the Board unanimously imposed two fines, a $1,500 fine for "flaunting by Valerie Alex of her unlicensed practice" and a $1,500 fine for "her unresponsiveness to the Board's several communications.

According to the link above, her website was active as of last night but looks like she finally got around to taking it down today as it no longer loads. However, the cache reveals this LOL-worthy bit:

Quality. Service. Ethics.

At Valerie Alex, Certified Public Accountants, these are more than just the latest customer service buzzwords. They're a commitment—the guiding principles our team members follow each and every day as we work with you toward a successful future.

Um… not sure "ethics" means what you think it means.