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Footnotes: How To Tell if Your Accounting Firm is Really a Car Wash; An EY Milestone; A Cheese-like Problem | 01.07.14

JPMorgan to pay $1.7 billion in Madoff case [USA Today]

Two more Cincinnati accounting firms you've never heard of have merged, are we on the verge of a new trend? [Cincinnati Business Courier]

EY to mark its 41st year tabulating ballots for the Golden Globes As the 2014 awards season gets started in Hollywood, Ernst & Young LLP will once again be front and center to tabulate the results for the ceremony that many feel predicts the movies, TV shows and performers who will dominate all upcoming awards. This year will mark the 41st year that Ernst & Young LLP will tabulate and safeguard the results of the Golden Globe Awards® and oversee the entire process for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. [PR]

HP and Autonomy are about to the point of blocking each other on Facebook [Telegraph]

J.P. Morgan banker joked that Madoff’s accounting firm might be a car wash [MW]

Youth unemployment could be costing us $9 billion in lost taxes The Young Invincibles estimates the impact of lost federal and state taxes due to “severely high unemployment rates" for 18- to 34- year-olds at $8.9 billion each year. If those costs were directly shared among individual taxpayers, it would add $53 to each American’s federal tax bill, the group says. [CBS]

Opinions are like what now? I forget. Anyhoo, Laurence Kotlikoff is always good for one, like this one on abolishing the corporate income tax [NYT]

A possible Velveeta shortage looms [CNN Money]

Aww how cute, Ben Bernanke is gonna have a CYA lunch with Senate Democrats. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, clown [BB]

"Mother" is the stuff of nightmares. But hey, she'll be able to tell you how much time you spent with your CPA review book [Stuff]