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Footnotes: Explain Yo’self, Janet!; Bye Bye Bitcoin?; The SEC Isn’t Perfect After All | 02.10.14

The SEC's Quiet Insider-Trading Loss [Bloomberg View]

Barclay's data breach might leave it in a world of hurt [CFO]

Yellen, Carney Face Explaining Policy as Benchmarks Near [Bloomberg]

Bitcoin had one hell of a day, THANKS A LOT MT GOX [DealBook]

Better Markets sues Justice Department over JPMorgan deal [Reuters]

Unnecessary disclosures targeted by SEC A targeted, step-by-step approach is the best way for the SEC to review and overhaul its financial disclosure requirements under securities laws, SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher said Monday. In a speech at the Forum for Corporate Directors in California, Gallagher said he hopes the SEC can “make real headway” in its initiative to reduce unnecessary disclosures. And he said a piece-by-piece approach is preferable to addressing the issue in a comprehensive fashion. “I would prefer to address discrete issues now rather than risk spending years preparing an offensive so massive that it may never be launched,” Gallagher said. [Journal of Accountancy]

Hey, guys, conservatives aren't into higher spending. Thank ATR for bringing you this news [ATR]

Actually, GM's female CEO is doing just fine for herself but thanks for your concern [USA Today]

UGH slideshow but here are 13 websites you should avoid if you value your time (whew, no GC) [PCMag]

You know you're a troll when… you get arrested for trolling yourself A woman has become the first person in Britain to be jailed for trolling herself – after bombarding her own Facebook page with abuse. Michelle Chapman, 24, launched her bizarre online campaign after falling out with her father and new stepmother, a court heard. She created bogus Facebook accounts for the couple and other family members and sent herself hundreds of vile sexual taunts. Chapman then reported the abuse to police – claiming she had been trolled – to frame them. [Daily Mail]