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Footnotes: Sour on Cider Taxes; Tesla Has a Non-GAAP Revenue Line; Building a Worthwhile Career | 08.07.13

Avid needs a Corporate Accounting Manager. Seven years experience, CPA preferred. [GCJ]

Hard Cider Treated Like Beer Becomes Endeavor of Senators: Taxes [Bloomberg]

FASB Proposes to Define Public Business Entities [AT]

Elon Musk Does Not Accept Your Accounting Principles [Slate]

How to Build a Career Worth Having [Lifehacker]

'The Daily Show' Learns Not to Mess With Taxes [Atlantic Wire]

Accountant suffers horrific burns in barbecue explosion after leaning in to check why it hadn't lit [Daily Mail]

Fight over speeding car ends with Virginia man shooting self in groin, police say [Fox]

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