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Career Switch Advice

I’m currently in my second year, entering my second busy season, B4 audit in a major market and trying to look ahead at exit opportunities this spring. Is it too soon to move? I hate audit and only went into it to obtain some good experience. I could hopefully make senior in less than a year but don’t really want to stay a third busy season. I honestly haven’t been burned out by the workload, but rather the nature of the work and don’t want to sit around mainly to learn more about the documentation and compliance side of the profession (at least that’s the impression I’ve gotten from what seniors in my group primarily do).

I’ve heard from friends in recruiting that making senior doesn’t really hold any weight unless you put in at least one busy season in the role. After seeing former seniors in my group leave for average corporate positions I’m questioning why it’s worth staying after my current busy season if I’m not really interested in those types of roles. Currently looking at a few consulting jobs and have reached out to a few people but overall feel kind of lost right now. Any advice would be appreciated.