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Footnotes: Scams, Accounting Tricks and Trolls OH MY | 10.23.13

General Motors will now consider its Russian sales as part of its European business, where previously they were counted as its Asian operation, and this slight of hand might make GM look a whole lot nicer to investors [Motley Fool]

Warren Buffett pays more in taxes than he realizes [Forbes]

I feel like this article on Internet trolls is relevant to this website somehow [ABC]

Audit: IRS contractors rack up tax debts "The IRS has kept on hundreds of contract employees that combined had some $5.4 million in tax debts, according to a federal audit released Wednesday. Treasury’s inspector general for tax administration said that 691 IRS contract employees in 2012 owed money to the government, or about 5 percent of the contractors the inspector general said it examined. At least 319 of those contractors racked up their debts after obtaining privileges almost identical to regular agency employees, and hadn’t set up a payment plan — meaning they shouldn’t have had access to IRS facilities." [The Hill]

A Beverly Hills securities broker is accused of ripping off clients [Reuters]

The Yankees are one of 10 MLB teams valued over $1 billion [Bloomberg]

Guy who worked for a fraudulent company, forgot to claim all his income and thought he could get money to pay the IRS through gambling has been sentenced to probation []

Crowdfunding for Internet Stock Sales Approved by SEC [Bloomberg]

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