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Accounting News Roundup: Naming Audit Partners; Wake Forest’s CPA Exam Domination; International Taxes for the Rest of Us | 11.25.13

Naming Them: Why Markets Deserve To Know Audit Partner Names And More [Re:The Auditors]
Francine McKenna offers numerous examples to support the naming of the individual audit partners of public companies. To remind us of the Big 4's position on the matter, she quotes Deloitte's Senior Partner for Global Regulatory and Public Policy, which, in light of recent events, is just too perfect.

Senate Finance chair wants to hear your tax reform thoughts [DMWT]
No matter how hard Baucus tries, his efforts aren't having the same effect as "Write Rosty." 

Wake Forest Master of Science in Accountancy Students Achieve #1 CPA Pass Rate in the Nation [WFU]

Jeff Bezos on Joy Covey: 'Joy was more substance over optics' [Fortune]
Covey was killed in bicycling accident this past September and Bezos gave a nice remembrance that included this: "Toward the end, Covey casually mentioned she had managed the second-highest score on the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam, trumping nearly 70,000 others who took it that year. 'Joy, really? The second-highest?' Bezos teased. Shot back Covey: 'I didn't study.' "

Accounting for Income Taxes Standard Didn’t Make the Accounting Any Easier [AT]
What's even more amusing is that a Financial Accounting Foundation review team couldn't determine what makes FAS 109 so tricky, "[I]t is not clear whether the complexity is a result of Statement 109’s requirements, factors occurring after the issuance of Statement 109 (such as significant changes in the business environment and tax laws, along with increased foreign operations by U.S. companies), or both."

Tax plan sends chill down Madison Avenue [The Hill]
Imagine, if you can, an industry lobbyist claiming that a particular tax policy proposal will not only hurt his industry but also "Main Street."

International Tax Reform For Dummies [Tony Nitti/Forbes]
That is, most of us.

Senior Vigilantes Suspected In Spray Painting [TSG]
The behavior in these Florida gated communities is really getting out of hand.

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