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Footnotes: PwC’s Charity Work for ResCap, A Morbid Proposal, Trusting Your Accountant | 09.06.12

Chart of the day, party neighborhood edition [Felix Salmon]

ResCap Says PWC Review Could Cost $250 Million, Up From $180 Million Since retaining PwC in May 2011, ResCap has paid the company $51.7 million in fees and expenses, the filing said. Since the bankruptcy filing, PwC has racked up about $7 million per month, but ResCap has yet to pay it any money for those services. That cost could rise substantially, ResCap said, if it decides to accelerate the review process. [DJ]
Russian man fakes his own death in car-crash marriage proposal — and she said YES [NYDN]
Trust Me I'm an Accountant [AWEB]
How to Give Negative Feedback (Without Sounding Like a Jerk) [LH]
SEC Charges Georgia CPAs with Insider Trading [AT]
When Should Accountants Spill the Beans? [CFO]
Tax Foundation: Romney's Tax Plan Is Far Closer to Simpson-Bowles Than Obama's Tax Plan [Tax Foundation]