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Footnotes: PwC is Getting Shady; What the PCAOB Does; One Dumb Smuggling Accountant | 03.19.14

The IRS is trying to find people who didn't file returns in 2010, it has some money of theirs [Detroit Free Press]

PwC is getting shady at SXSW [Pinterest]

Flappy Bird will be back… eventually [CNET]

The Fed isn't going to toot its own horn about getting things back to "normal" (LOL) [BBW]

Low-Wage Workers Are Finding Poverty Harder to Escape [NYT]

For those Americans who can't — for whatever reason — bank normally, is "banking" at GameStop a good alternative? [BBW]

Jay Hanson reminds us all what the PCAOB is all about [PCAOB]

A guy in China paid HOW MUCH for a dog? [Daily Mail]

A Rhode Island accountant pleaded guilty to smuggling in a whole bunch of Virginia cigarettes because everyone knows VA smokes are barely taxed [Providence Journal]

Remember that lunch money stealing accountant? Yeah, she's still in jail [CBS LA]

I feel like some of you might get some use out of "anti-social" app Cloak that lets you avoid bumping into friends [WaPo]