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ANR: California Agency Changes Its Mind on Deloitte; American Airlines Relocating Some Accountants; Dewey Know the Secret Seven? Not Yet | 03.20.14

Agency abandons talks with Deloitte for welfare contract [KCRA]
California seems to have learned things the hard way: "An agency responsible for choosing IT consultant Deloitte for a 10-year, half-billion dollar job said Wednesday that it has changed its mind. The agency, Welfare Client Data Systems (WCDS), told KCRA 3 that it could not come to an agreement on the terms of a contract and will no longer negotiate with the company. […] Deloitte, which was widely blamed for a botched software upgrade that left hundreds of thousands of Californians without their unemployment benefits, was negotiating with WCDS to run the CalWin automation system, which sends out welfare benefits."
Putin Calls on Billionaires to Pay Taxes in Russia [AP]
Hey! Something he and Obama can agree on!
American Airlines to add jobs in Phoenix [AZCentral]
100 accounting jobs, to be precise. The airline is closing their accounting center in Tulsa and those people have a choice to move to Phoenix or Dallas where the remaining jobs are going.
Ted Cruz slams Obama administration over IRS investigation [The Hill]
That appetite for attention is never satisified.
Cigarette Smuggling Across the States [Tax Foundation]
Over half of all the cigarettes consumed in New York and Arizona are smuggled, according to the TF.

A Mystery: Who Are the Dewey Secret Seven? [DealBook]
This nothing like the Seattle Seven which was just the Dude and six other guys: "They are the mysterious seven: former employees of Dewey & LeBoeuf who pleaded guilty to taking part in a four-year plan to manipulate the financial statements of the once prominent law firm, but whose identities and plea agreements are being kept under wraps by New York prosecutors."

This Is The Wheel Of Fortune Equivalent Of A Hail Mary Touchdown [Deadspin]


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