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Footnotes: NYSCPAs Not Cool with New Audit Report Proposal; No Naming and Shaming; A Bronx Tax Bomber | 06.17.13

New York CPAs Object to Auditor Reporting Proposal [AT]

Re-Writing the Auditor's Report — The Financial Reporting Council Swings a Two-Edged Editorial Sword It has forever been a mystery why financial statement users have tolerated a reporting and assurance model, the scope of which is designed “to give reasonable assurance that the financial statements are free from material misstatement…”, without a clue from either issuers or auditors as to the magnitude or contours of the term “material.” [Re:Balance]

G8 isn't going for a "naming and shaming" as a method of discouraging tax avoidance. [DMWT]

Woman charged in 2nd buttocks-enhancement death [AP]

GAO Partly Blames Accounting Rules for Community Bank Failures [AT]

An accountant in the Bronx admitted to falsifing 100 or so tax returns. [NBC]

Delaware’s $97.5 Million Pot Hole If you're like me then for a split-second you thought this story was about marijuana. [TF] 

Wendy's Customer Loses His Shit After Finding Cheese on His Hamburger [Gawker]

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