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Accounting News Roundup: Tax Reform Expectations; Lodging Taxes and Airbnb; EY Pays a Fine | 06.17.15

Ryan Aims to Make Corporate Tax Reform Part of the Election [CFOJ]
Paul Ryan asks that everyone be reasonable: "Don’t fight for the little tiny table scraps or the little carve out, or the little piece, or the exemption here, or the narrow benefit that might be good for your industry here. Think of the broader goal of getting rates down."

Former AIG Chief Greenberg to Appeal Damages Ruling in Bailout Case [WSJ]
Moral victories? Meh: "Mr. Greenberg has repeatedly said in interviews that he brought the lawsuit in 2011 to hold the U.S. government accountable. He has said he won’t allow the government to simply take what it wants, and has likened his lawsuit to a war."

Lodging Taxes and Airbnb Hosts: Who Pays, and How [NYT]
If Airbnb isn't collecting the taxes and paythem, then the host is supposed to.

Noble Group CEO Disputes Allegations About Company’s Accounting Practices [WSJ]
Noble Chief Executive Yusuf Alireza can't believe he has to do this: "Up to now I have chosen to ignore your ill-informed opinions. However, your recent call for the resignation of our founder and chairman is a step too far." 

EY fined over Hellas conflict of interest [FT]
Slaps on the wrists are a cost of doing business: "EY, the audit and professional services firm, has been hit with one of the biggest fines imposed by the UK insolvency regulator over a failure to declare a conflict of interest when it became the administrator of failed Greek company Hellas Telecommunications II. The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales has said it has fined EY £250,000, severely reprimanded the firm and ordered it to pay £95,000 in costs. EY partner Margaret Mills, the global co-ordinating partner for EY’s restructuring practices, has also been severely reprimanded and fined £15,000."

China screens 'Star Wars' in cinemas for first time nearly four decades late [AFP]
I hope Han shot first.