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Footnotes: May Day; Mayday! | 05.01.13

Dylan Prime – the steakhouse, not a person – has filed for bankruptcy after being shut down for non-payment of sales taxes. Moo! [Bloomberg]

Facebook's chief accounting officer David Spillane is no longer in a relationship with Facebook [MW]

KPMG has 99 problems but a press release ain't one [PR Newswire]

"A new study finds that bombarding people with stats and graphs on income inequality and taxes on the rich barely changes anybody's opinion on redistribution" [The Atlantic]

Relevant for slobs: there is a company out there trying to produce a shirt you can wear for 100 days without washing [Business Insider]

Everywhere Else, May Day Honors Workers; Here, It Salutes 'Loyalty' [DailyFinance]

Apparently 41% of college grads are "overqualified" for what they do, which doesn't explain why no intern has ever been able to find that box of tickmarks [CNN Money]

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