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Footnotes: Hot Assets; A New E&Y OMP in Motown; CIA as Off-books Tax Collector | 06.13.13

Former PwC Partner Falls Victim To 'Hot Asset' Rules In Tax Court [Forbes]

FASB Indefinitely Defers Certain Disclosures for Nonpublic Employee Benefit Plans [FASB]

Law firm Brown Piven is investigating H&R Block for securities violations related to its sale of RSM McGladrey. [BP]

Tom Udall to oversee IRS, SEC funding [The Hill]

George Lenyo is new OMP for EY Detroit. [EY]

Edward Snowden Claims CIA Used as a Rogue Tax Collector [TF]

Uh-Oh! Federal Judge Says We Might Have to Start Paying Interns [ATL]

If you're going through Greg Kyte withdrawals, you can get a fix here until he posts again here later this month. [thriveal]

Child Cries After Expecting to Meet Iron Man, Getting RDJ Instead [Gawker]

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