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Footnotes: Lots of Losses Coming for Lululemon; Lots of Laughs in Utah; Lots of Missing Chicks | 03.21.13

Lululemon Expects More Write-Offs on Pants The company said it expects write-offs to reduce its revenue by another $45 million to $50 million over the rest of the year, mostly in the second quarter. That follows a hit of $12 million to $17 million in the first quarter, which ends in the spring. [WSJ]

UK Dropping Corporate Rate to 20 Percent, Half the US Rate [TF]

Forensic Accountants and the Private Investigator License [Fraud Files]

If you're in the vicinity of Ogden, Utah and like to laugh, go see Greg Kyte tell some jokes in the flesh this Friday and Saturday at Wiseguys. Leave the kids at home. [Wiseguys]

Tax penalty relief for some who file for an extension [DMWT]

Camp Floats Biggest Tax Shift to Partnerships in 60 Years [Bloomberg]

200 chicks stolen in Ashburnham, farmer says “It was just very strange,’’ Kopley said. “There were power tools and the generators right next to the pen, and they stole the chicks.’’ The case of the missing chicks has baffled many, includ­ing police. “Right now we do not have suspects,’’ said Lieutenant Todd C. Parsons. “There is not much to go on.” [BG]

You Are Not Alone: R. Kelly Joins Taxpayers Who Have Lost Homes Due To Foreclosure [Forbes]

The KKK Attempts to Redeem Itself By Handing Out White-Bread Sandwiches at Charity Event [Gawker]

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