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Footnotes: ‘Why are auditors different?’; PwC Acquires HumanR; Life at Deloitte Sometimes Includes Book Signings | 10.24.13

In the Accounting World, Resisting Sunlight “Professionals routinely disclose their identify, and they do so proudly,” James R. Doty, the chairman of the oversight board, told me this week. “Why are auditors different?” [NYT]

PwC US to Acquire HumanR, Inc. [AT]

PCAOB Issues Staff Audit Practice Alert in Light of Deficiencies Observed in Audits of ICFR [PCAOB, Practice Alert]

Yet another sign that most MBAs are worthless. [Forbes]

Grover Norquist Gives Thumbs Up to Pot Taxes [NP]

Why the 1% should pay tax at 80% [Guardian]

Which Lazy-Ass NFL Fans Order The Most Food Online During Games? [Deadspin]

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