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Footnotes: Let’s Just Be Glad This Election Will Be Over Soon | 11.05.12

Quick Temporary Acting Ed. note: and with this final Footnotes, our time together all day every day is coming to an end, just in time for Colin to return tomorrow and rejoice over Obama's inevitable re-election tomorrow (if you believe his sources, anyway). Thanks for playing nice and not making me cry, kids, it's been a pleasure spending a couple days with you as always. Love always, AG

Obama has slight edge over Romney day before election [Reuters]

Romney: We're "one day away" from victory [CBS]

The Demise of MF Global Holdings Ltd: A Belated Autopsy [GMI Ratings via Business Insider]

UK, Germany push for multinationals to pay "fair share" of taxes [Reuters]

2 Charlotte women plead guilty in IRS fraud scheme [Charlotte Observer]

G20 hopes for fourth time lucky on global accounting [Reuters] OMG please just give it up already, seriously you guys.