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More PwC Partners Getting Fancy New Titles

Over the last week we've reported a lot on the haps inside PwC. There has been news of partner promotions, a straight talk committee and Tim Ryan's new casual wardrobe.

This is all to be expected with the changes in leadership. Bob Moritz is moving up to the global chairmanship and he's taking a lot of people with him. That means Tim Ryan gets to set his lineup in the US and today we received more information on who those people are.

Here's the text from Tim Ryan's email:

Capturing our potential means focusing on what’s most important: delivering quality and value to our clients and stakeholders, being active in the market, serving clients and spending time with our teams. I want to highlight some of our partners who are taking on new opportunities to help us be successful and deliver the best of PwC to our clients.
Recognizing our partners taking on exciting new roles
Regional Vice Chairs (RVC)
The RVC roles focus on working with our partners and teams to deliver quality, win in the market and connect the resources of the firm to help our clients with their important issues.

  • NY Metro Region – With the retirement of Mitch Cohen, Vin Colman will assume the role of NY Metro RVC. 
  • West Region – With the transition of John Buchanan to the Tax Managing Partner role, Kevin Baldwin will assume the role of West RVC.
  • East Region – With the transition of Jim Flanagan to the US Managing Partner role, Adam Gutstein will assume the role of East RVC.

Market Managing Partner (MMP) roles

  • Greater Atlanta – With Reggie Walker taking on the role of Chief Commercial Officer, Shelley Giberson will be succeeding Reggie as MMP for the Greater Atlanta Market. 
  • Greater Houston – Niloufar Molavi will be taking on the role of the Global Energy Sector Leader (in addition to her role as US Energy Sector Leader). As a result, Ray Garcia will assume the role of Greater Houston MMP.

Line of Service roles

  • Brad Hopton will serve as New York Metro Tax Leader as Roy Weathers steps into the Tax Leader role. 
  • In Advisory, Bob Saada will take on the role of US Deals and Transaction Services Leader as Martyn Curragh transitions to the CFO role. 
  • Also in Advisory, Joe Atkinson will serve as Consulting – TICE [Technology, Information, Communications and Entertainment] Industries Leader as Mohamed Kande takes on the Advisory Leader role. Joe will step down from the Board in order to serve as a member of the Advisory leadership group.

Each of these partners has a strong track record of taking care of our people, delivering quality and serving clients — something they will continue to do in their new roles.
There are a couple of additional roles to be filled. We expect to complete that process quickly and you’ll see announcements about those roles which directly impact you.
Partners, our team is excited to serve you and work for you, with our full attention on the market. We’re focused on finishing out the current year and, together with you, tackling the next set of opportunities ahead. 


All the new business cards, including Tim Ryan's and Bob Moritz's, will be official on July 1.