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Footnotes: Kansas City Sports, Atlanta Traffic, and DC Dealings | 08.01.12

Tax payers fund questionable Royals expenses [810WBH]

The Kansas City Chiefs Are Using Taxpayer Money To Pay Their Taxes, Too [Deadspin]

What happens when a real attorney tries tax protest arguments? Arguments that you don’t have to really pay federal income taxes never go away despite a long and dismal record of failure.  They are typically advanced by self-educated folks, often claiming to have spent hundreds of hours researching the tax law to prove that it doesn’t exist.  Non-lawyers tend to do poorly in advancing legal arguments.  If a real lawyer tried these arguments, might it go better? [Tax Update]

Senate Deal To Revive Tax Breaks To Be Blocked By Coburn [Bloomberg]

Tea Party Ties Up Tax to Ease Atlanta Traffic [WSJ]

House Democrats Lose Bid to Hike Taxes on Wealthy [AP]