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Accounting News Roundup: Grant Thornton’s Women in Business Survey; Former IRS Commish Running for President; Myths of Coveted Workplaces | 03.06.15

Common Misconceptions about Selling an Accounting Firm [AT]
For starters, people tend to over-inflate the value. 

Grant Thornton Annual Global Survey Finds Little Growth for Women in Senior Business Roles [GT]
GT's survey found that only 22% of senior business roles are held by women, down from 24% last year. So I guess you could say "no growth" for women in senior business roles.

Former IRS Commissioner Mark Everson To Run For President. Yes, Of The United States [Forbes/Tony Nitti]
Tony Nitti writes that Mark Everson's tenure as IRS Commissioner makes his canidacy a bit like "Adrian Peterson applying to become a Big Brother" but early yesterday, Everson made the announcement that we will seek the presidency. 

The IRS Scandal, Day 666 [TaxProf]
I guess we can look forward to the coverage of a long-dead scandal until Mark Everson becomes president.

The best thing about the jobs report coming out is that you know it's Friday.

Queen Of Tax Fraud Gets 21 Year Prison Term—For The Second Time [Forbes/Robert Wood]
Rashia Wilson might have to swallow this one.

Reagan employee impersonator who allegedly stole $1M played accountant too [NYP]
Steven Wessel has trouble with the truth.

Aren't MEGATRENDS friends of Megatron?

Bank of America, Merrill Trainees Sue Seeking Overtime [Bloomberg]
The plaintiffs claim they "weren’t paid overtime for 10-hour days, long nights and weekend work."

5 Myths of Great Workplaces [HBR
Stuff like rock climbing walls and bowling alleys are not the norm.