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Footnotes: It Pays to Be Stupid; The IRS’ Latest Pain in the PTIN; The NASBA Sitch Escalates | 09.08.14

Investors expect lower rates for longer than Fed itself: Fed study [Reuters]

The CEO of Hertz has stepped down, citing personal reasons It definitely didn't have anything to do with major accounting errors [Reuters]

You Missed $1 Trillion Return Agreeing With Fed Naysayers Shill harder, why dontcha? "If you agreed with all the academics, billionaires and politicians who denounced Federal Reserve monetary policy since the financial crisis, you missed $1 trillion of investment returns from buying and holding U.S. Treasuries. That’s how much the government bonds have earned for investors since the end of 2008, when the Fed dropped interest rates close to zero and embarked on the first of three rounds of debt purchases to resuscitate an economy crippled by the worst recession since the Great Depression. [Bloomberg]

IRS Hit With Class Action Suit Over Tax Preparer User Fees Something about PTINs and Loving [Forbes]

Martoma Sentenced to 9 Years for Insider Trading at SAC Sam Antar tweets: "You missed the one great trade of your career. Cooperation with Feds in exchange for freedom. 9 yrs is heavy price." [DealBook]

IRS says 5 more staffers lost possible Tea Party-related emails [Don't Mess With Taxes]

Some guy wrote a love song to the IRS [AT]

This situation is ongoing [Twitter]

Keep Bureaucrats' Hands Off Bankers' Bonuses [Bloomberg View]

'Pastafarian' allowed to wear spaghetti strainer on her head in driving licence photo because it is classed as 'religious headgear' [Daily Mail]