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Anxious CPA Exam Candidates Crash NASBA Website, Blame NASBA

NASBA has had a rough couple days. First, they accidentally got everyone all excited about the prospect of scores being released a few days early, which was never going to happen. Then, an army of anxious CPA exam candidates performed an unintentional denial of service attack on NASBA's website today and naturally took to Twitter to complain about it.

Dramatic much?

As someone mentioned on the last NASBA thread, it would be hilarious if NASBA decided to wait another week to release scores just to fuck with these people. I mean, hilarious for everyone except these people, whose brains would probably explode if they had to wait even an hour longer than anticipated. I bet these guys are a blast to hang out with at the DMV.

NASBA has yet to respond, which is pretty disappointing because I'd love to see just one smart-assed, hashtag-heavy response from them. JUST ONE.

As of the writing of this post, the NASBA website is definitely still down. Meanwhile, the official score release target date is still tomorrow.