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Here Are 10 More Terribly Tasteless Examples of Accountant Stock Photos

Just as your friends joke you could do their taxes despite the fact that you're in audit, so do stock photo companies seem to think accountants have to be portrayed in the most ridiculous, stereotypical way possible. LOOK, this trustworthy gentleman is wearing glasses and a green eye shade, clearly he must be an accountant.

We've seen some pretty bad examples of terrible accountant stock photos in the past but guess what? There are more.

Last year, this guy was just "accountant with a rifle" — this year, he's still about to go postal at the office but HEY, he got promoted.

"The chief accountant armed with a rifle"

You went to school for 5 years to count on your fingers like a 4 year old? Client: "So, how much are we talking in fees this year?" This guy: "Hang on… uh… this many!"

"Corporate bean counter, an accountant in a suit, counts up beans and tallies the numbers on his fingers."Why is your manager dressed like she just came back from Burning Man?

"Accountant manager isolated on white"Nothing says "you can trust me with your financial statements" than a giant fucking calculator.

"Accountant business woman with a big calculator."

What's better than a giant calculator? A giant abacus, of course. The irony here is that this is supposed to be a "happy" accountant. Tell me, how happy would you be if you had to lug around an abacus all freaking day?

"happy accountant"If your accountant looks like this, you probably need to report them to the nearest regulatory body.

"Crazy accountant messed up in checks with calculator hanging, in formal clothes"Here's your auditor writing down all the things he hates about your face because you can't get your shit together and get him the damn thing he asked for 7 times already.

"An auditor taking notes and not happy about what he's found out."Accountant is not the first profession I think of when I look at this photo.

"greed money retro woman office vintage accountant"Adding a calculator to a profile picture from a Russian mail order bride website totally makes this an accountant, guys.

"Woman accountant with calculator on white"We'll leave you with this. There's so much wrong here it's not even worth pointing out.

"Afro-american accountant manager"