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Accounting News Roundup: IFRS Holdouts; GE Tax Guy’s Predictable Opinion on Inversions; Sending Cold Emails to Bigshots | 09.09.14

Non-IFRS Accounting Zones Dwindle in Number [CFOJ]
The Magnificent Seven: The U.S., China, Egypt, Bolivia, Guinea-Bissau, Macao and Niger."In 106 countries, all or most domestic public companies are required to report under IFRS, according to a review of 130 countries by the parent of the London-based International Accounting Standards Board. Another 15 countries permit or require the use of IFRS at least for financial-services companies. For more than a decade, the IASB and the U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board have been working to align their accounting rules. And while they hope to wrap up that project next year, there is still disagreement."

Should Treasury act to deter corporate inversions? GE’s tax chief says no [Wonkblog/WaPo]
The head of the world's best tax law firm maniacally laughs at the impotence of DC bureaucrats: "As for the Treasury Department, the master of corporate tax avoidance, John Samuels, General Electric's vice president of tax policy and planning, argued Monday that no regulation could effectively keep corporations in the U.S. when every other country in the world — including such appealing locations as the United Kingdom and Japan — has adopted a more favorable tax system."

Ask Forced-Choice Questions to Tilt Interviews in Your Favor [Lifehacker]
For the kids on campus out there.

Tips for Cold-Emailing Intimidatingly Powerful People [HBR]
In case you'd like to tell your CEO what you think of your raise.

Meanwhile, in practice management news:

Trump Entertainment Resorts files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection [CNBC/Reuters]
Sad Trumpbone.
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