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Accounting News Roundup: Former PwC Chairman Passes Away; Inversions — Not About Tax Rates?; Keeping It Together at Work When Your Life Sucks| 08.19.14

James J. Schiro, Lead Director at Goldman Sachs, Dies at 68 [NYT]
He also spent some time at PwC: "In more than three decades at Price Waterhouse, he rose to chairman and senior partner. On its merger in 1998 with another big accounting firm, Coopers & Lybrand, he became chief executive of the combined company."

New Deloitte CEO calls KC home [KCBJ]
Frank Friedman "maintains his previous role as CFO for now as well," as taking on Joe Echevarria's. That'll make for an interesting schedule. 

Tax Burden in U.S. Not as Heavy as It Looks, Report Says [DealBook]
Andrew Ross Sorkin writes about USC Professor Edward Kleinbard's study that says the inversion push is not about tax rates: "Professor Kleinbard argues that lower tax rates are not driving companies to inversions; instead, he contends it is all the money that companies have overseas — some $2 trillion — and don’t want to bring back to the United States despite protestations by many chief executives that they wish they could." 

Do Sales Tax Holidays Ever Make Sense? [TaxVox]
Mostly, no. But if the alternative is "unless the alternative is large tax cuts with dubious growth assumptions," then a sales tax holiday isn't the stupidest idea to ever be considered.

Pot tourism's potential tax payoff for states with legal weed [DMWT]
If you're traveling to Colorado and want some pot, save some money and buy it in Denver.

How to Keep It Together at Work When Your Personal Life Is a Mess [FC]
Face it: "You’re never going to be completely composed at work. Life happens, so it’s best to have a plan of action for when it does."

Facebook satire tag aims to stop you getting fooled by the Onion [Telegraph]
For once in my life I can't help but use: SMH.

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