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Footnotes: Grant Thornton Calls Out Big 4 on Legal Services; Under Bus, Accountant Thrown; How’s Your Math? | 10.06.14

Grant Thornton queries Big Four’s legal services push Scott Barnes, UK chief executive at Grant Thornton, said: “For us, expanding into legal services would create some conflicts. This is something the big four don’t seem to have a problem with.” [FT]

"Accountant complaining about being thrown under bus" is equivalent to "Dog bites man." [T&G] 

Yellen an unknown to 3 out of 4 Americans Appears reasonable. 5-year-olds are more interesting. [The Hill]

I had no idea Rush Limbaugh needed help assassinating his own character.

We're linking to this Business Insider post that simply rips off LinkedIn's Top 25 Accounting Schools post because it opens with: "If you've always been good at math" [BI]

That undercover cop isn't going to ID himself and a bunch of other popular misconceptions. [Information is Beautiful]

Audit Fees for Public Companies Up 4.5% ICYMI. [CFO]

Then there's this: