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Accounting News Roundup: PwC Revenue; Audit Deficiencies Get Worse; Why Your Friends Won’t Give You Business | 10.07.14

PricewaterhouseCoopers Revenue Grows 6.1% [WSJ]
$34 billion. Consulting grew 10% to $10 billion; auditing grew 2.7% to $15 billion.

Audit Deficiencies Surge [CFOJ]
Not good, opiners. "Auditors at the largest U.S. accounting firms failed to follow proper procedures in more than four in 10 audits, according to the latest inspections by the U.S. government’s audit watchdog. That was more than double the rate four years earlier."

Grant Thornton names Denham Philadelphia office managing partner [GT]
Sean Denham succeeds Wayne Kaplan.

What Successful Work and Life Integration Looks Like [HBR]
Starring Michelle Obama, Sheryl Sandberg (heartthrob to PwC partners everywhere) and The Boss.

10 Reasons Your Friends Won't Do Business with You [AWEB]
My favorite reason: "They don't like you."

The Contrarians on Stress: It Can Be Good for You [NYT]
Being underworked has its problems, too.

Youth Football Coach Cancels Season for Bad Attitudes, Dad Tackles Him [Gawker]
Wonder where they got the bad attitutdes from.

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