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Footnotes: Google’s UK Taxes; Operation Broken Gate; Auditor Litigation After Dixon | 09.30.13

UHY needs auditors in New York. [GCJ]

Obama Criticizes G.O.P. as Senate Rejects House’s Terms on Budget [NYT]

Who Wants to Fire Jamie Dimon? [Bloomberg]

Google Paid $55 Million In UK Taxes On $5.5 Billion Sales In 2012 [Reuters]

Shutdown Means Taxes Still Due as U.S. Parks Close (Q&A) [Bloomberg]

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced charges against three auditors for violating federal securities laws or failing to comply with U.S. auditing standards during their audits and reviews of financial statements for publicly traded companies. The actions are part of the agency’s ongoing effort to hold gatekeepers accountable for the important roles they play in the securities industry.  Internally designated “Operation Broken Gate,” the Enforcement Division’s efforts seek to identify auditors who fail to carry out their duties and responsibilities consistent with professional standards.   Gatekeepers that fail to comply with professional standards put investors at risk due to the possibility of undetected fraud or other financial misstatements. [SEC]
Jim Peterson examines where auditor litigation settlements go from here after CLA/Dixon. [Re:Balance
Woman Quits Job in the Most Awesome and Meta Way Ever [Jezebel]
Ukraine couple hit by train while having sex on tracks [UPI]
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