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Footnotes: Jack Lew’s John Hancock; Promontory Layoffs; Paul Ryan Trolls the White House| 01.09.13

Jack Lew, your next Secretary of the Treasury, has an odd signature. [NYT]

Jonathan Weil is encouraged, but not necessarily impressed, with the SEC's action against the two KPMG auditors. [Bloomberg]

Robert Khuzami is leaving the SEC. [SEC]

AIG Directors Could Barely Get Through A Morning Of Pretending They Might Sue The Government [DB]

Promontory Financial lays off hundreds in Denver after foreclosure settlement [DBJ]

Legislative Options for Simplifying and Restructuring the Charitable Deduction [TPC]

Mega-millionaire, 79, admits offshore tax evasion Mary Estelle Curran, 79, will pay nearly $21.7 million in penalties after admitting she filed two years of false tax returns. She failed to disclose her Switzerland and Liechtenstein accounts on federal tax returns from 2001 to 2007, according to a Justice Department announcement. [USAT]

Mary Schapiro still cross about China IPOs as she leaves the SEC [Quartz]

Paul Ryan asks White House if it will miss budget deadline again “Given the critical importance of addressing our nation's fiscal problems, I am writing to ask whether the President will submit his budget request this year on or before February 4 as required by law,” Ryan wrote in a letter to Acting Budget Director Jeff Zients. “If the Administration does not plan to meet the statutory deadline, when do you anticipate the request being made?” [The Hill]
Four 'Smurfs' Arrested For Assault Over Unlit Cigarette In Australia Four men dressed as Smurfs were arrested in Australia Tuesday after authorities called for the costumed men to come forward in connection with a Dec. 16 assault at a convenience store. According to the Age, the men, with skin painted blue like the fictional characters from the cartoon, allegedly assaulted a 37-year-old man at a Melbourne convenience store when he reportedly refused to light a cigarette he offered to one of the "Smurfs."  [HP]
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