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Footnotes: Go Lira!; All’s Well That Ends Well (In China); You Autocomplete Me | 01.28.14

Central bankers in Turkey cooked up an idea to save the lira with some serious rate increases. HINT HINT, FEDERAL RESERVE [WSJ]

The State of the Federal Budget Is Opaque [U.S. News]

Yahoo had a crappy 4th quarter [Reuters]

SEC-Deloitte Agreement Spurs Rally Led by Baidu [Bloomberg]

Shit is getting real over at Herbalife [NY Post]

Tax filing in 2014: 7 new rules and 9 wacky deductions [Christian Science Monitor]

An accountant in Australia has been busted for providing unlicensed services, oops [IFA]

The future: a life on autocomplete "Just like Google autocompletes our search requests, the biggest tech companies appear to be looking to autocomplete our thoughts and actions in ways that almost seem like science fiction. It’s not just that companies such as Amazon and Google know what your tastes and preferences are, they are now able to act on them in the real world by delivering real products and services." [Washington Post]