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Footnotes: Germans Say No to Extra Work; Skepticism Is Dead; Vegetable Accounting? | 04.01.14

The Germans have come up with a bright idea: your boss can't message you after hours unless it is an emergency. Question is, who defines emergency? [Telegraph]

Fed Chair Janet Yellen tried to give examples of unemployed people who can't find jobs but forgot to mention these people are felons [Bloomberg]

If you are a Greg Kyte fan, ignore the fact that he got caught earlier today trying to take back his donated underpants and stalk him on his new Twitter if you like your accounting topics with a side of religion [Twitter]

Speaking of April Fools, did someone mention skepticism? Auditors, the world is counting on you to show them how it's done [Twitter]

TIL: GM could have prevented unnecessary deaths with a 57 cent investment [FOX]

Windows XP: Old Platforms Die Hard, Security Risks Live On [WSJ]

LOL headline of the day: Creative Vegetable Accounting [Yahoo]

For your dose of nonsense, a drunk priest was busted with weed AND guns [Gawker]