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National Training Lore

cheers!.jpgA few weeks back we dabbled into the sex lives of those of you that call yourselves accountants. Several comments eluded alluded that national trainings are about as a good opportunity as some of you are going to get.
National trainings are not only a great time to make awkward sexual advances, they’re also a great opportunity to get together with hundreds of your peers and drunkenly complain about your superiors and subordinates. It’s also an opportunity to make a complete ass out of yourself in front of those same peers.
National trainings have also been known for chicanery such as but not exclusive to:
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• All night excursions to the strip club where one person passes out in the bathroom and somehow the whole night ends up on your manager’s expense report.
• A night of bottle service that results in dragging several lifeless bodies back to the hotel but thanks to some friendly hotel staff, everyone ends up safely back in their rooms.
• Training Instructors showing up to class over an hour late, wearing clothes from the previous day and smelling like Mel Gibson.
• A week where, instead of spending your time learning accounting/tax/audit updates, you spend the entire week in your hotel room working a normal 12 to 14 hour day because your manager’s whip somehow has the range.
So because summer is winding down and national trainings are coming to end for another year, we’d like some stories to order to get an idea of how good/bad/ugly your trainings this year.
We’ve heard that some firms have shortened some of the trainings to just a few days rather than a full week and also that the firms are seriously clamping down on the expenses so maybe your city’s blowout party got axed or you got charged back for the round of shots you bought for everyone. Regardless share your experiences in the comments and send us other gossip that you want us to put up at [email protected].