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Footnotes: Fast Track to Partner; A Bitcoin Robbery; Florida Man at it Again | 03.04.14

Are you an aspiring partner? Why not fast track the process? [JofA]

Judge Calls Chevron Verdict Product Of `Egregious Fraud,' Unenforceable [Forbes]

Obama budget proposes more child care help for younger kids [Don't Mess With Taxes]

Remember the California couple who found $10 million worth in buried gold coins? Not only will they likely have to pay taxes on the find, they might not get to keep it at all [ABC]

A Bitcoin "bank" in Canada got "robbed" [The Globe and Mail]

Obama's Budget Seeks Overhaul of Business-Tax Codes [WSJ]

Still going with this IRS scandal, I see [FOX]

White House budget would increase IRS spending by 6 percent President Obama’s 2015 budget plan calls for $12 billion in base funding for the Internal Revenue Service, which would represent an increase of 6.3 percent compared to the 2014 spending level The White House proposed investing more in IRS programs that support tax compliance and customer service, including $165 million for an “opportunity, growth and security initiative” that aims in part to help call centers boost their response rates from 60 to 80 percent. [Federal Eye via WaPo]

'Real Housewives' stars plead guilty to fraud charges in N.J. [LA Times]

Is Microsoft a two trick pony? [Bloomberg]

Oh that Florida Man, always getting into a new pickle. This time, he was busted for a DUI while trying to "drive it off" [Gawker]