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Here’s a General Overview on How CPA Exam Candidates Performed in 2013

In case you can't afford/don't want to purchase the newly-released 2013 CPA Exam Candidate Performance book from NASBA, they released a quick cheat sheet summarizing just the important bits. In case you're too disillusioned/lazy on this fine Monday to click a link, I have uploaded it here for you.

If you happened to notice, we stopped sharing detailed statistics because NASBA doesn't like that but they do release this summary report for all of us to ooh and ahh at in between rubbing it in others' faces if you happen to be superior to others based on this information.

Notable (and you can just scroll down to read this, of course, but I'll make it super super easy for you):

  • 94,154 unique candidates sat for the exam, 41,620 of which were new candidates
  • Of these, 2013 candidates managed a pass rate of 49.4%
  • As in the past, California sent the most candidates to the exam and Utah boasts the highest pass rate

The rest below.

2013 Overall NASBA