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These CFA Horror Stories Will Make You Feel Better About Not Having To Take the CPA Exam This Month

Everyone enjoying your blackout month so far? Great.

While most CPA exam candidates are probably recovering from a marathon race to the end of the last testing window of 2013, future CFAs everywhere are preparing to write their Level I exams on December 7th. Naturally, Business Insider has shared some CFA horror stories ahead of this to make sure everyone gets nice and anxious.

The stories cover the gamut from stabbing threats to urinal cake-crusted calculators, food poisoning to the guy who took an explosive dump in the sink, and really most of these could have happened to any CPA exam candidate. It's safe to click over, laugh and point at these chuckleheads since most of you are safely avoiding your study materials until at least a week after New Years.

Of course, there's always this guy.