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Footnotes: Ernst & Young IT Goes Down to Georgia; Dodgy IRS Conracts; The Stacy Lewis KPMG Web Site Is Here | 02.20.13

Jacksons Plead Guilty To Fraud and Tax Charges Related to Campaign Funds [Forbes]

KPMG to Acquire Oracle Practice from Hackett Group [AT]

Ernst & Young to open global IT center in Alpharetta [AJC]

Committee examining $500 million in IRS contracts The House Oversight Committee is investigating whether a personal relationship between an Internal Revenue Service employee and the owner of a computer company produced a series of government contracts worth about $500 million. [AP]

Authorities in Oklahoma Say They Seriously Believe Local Man Spontaneously Combusted [Gawker]

A Century of Soaking the Rich [Joe Thorndike]

Apologies All Around for Office Depot Announcement Mishap On an analyst call formally announcing the merger, Office Depot’s chief executive, Neil Austrian, attributed the brief but errant posting of a statement disclosing the deal to an error by a “Webcast operator.” The information provider, whom he didn’t name, mistakenly posted the retailer’s fourth-quarter earnings “well ahead of schedule,” prompting several news organizations to report that the transaction was now public. The service provider turns out to have been Thomson Reuters, which handles scores of clients’ investor relations needs, including updating their financial earnings releases. [DealBook]

Satan Finally Reveals Himself As A Legal Employer [ATL]

Here's Stacy Lewis's KPMG video (and the aforementioned web site) that you knew were coming. [YouTube, KPMG]

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