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Footnotes: Don’t Hate Your Job; Do You Look Diverse Enough?; To the Moon! | 06.10.14

Did you know you don't have to hate your job? [DealBook]

Does Race or Gender Matter More to Your Paycheck? [HBR]

A Connecticut accountant is accused of stealing more than $170,000 from the library she worked at [NBC Connecticut]

Accounting firm prohibited from using late founders name The Arkansas State Board rejected the firm's request to add its late founder's name, saying state law requires anyone mentioned in the firm name to be or have been partner at the time of their passing. [LCD]

Just because tax day has come and gone doesn't mean tax scams have done the same [Today]

A cookie to anyone who can decode this [Twitter]

IRS Penalties Can Feel Cruel, But Are They Ever Unconstitutional? [Forbes]

PwC India is on a tear [NDTV]

The guy who claims to own the moon could probably use a qualified CPA, guys [Daily Mail]