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Footnotes: The Biggest Bitcoin Heist Ever?; IRS Drones; Madoff “Henchman” Still A-Snitchin’ | 12.03.13

Ex-Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski to be released on parole in January [Fox]

We all know the money's in Washington, but it's never been visualized quite like this [WaPo]

Morgan Stanley's Non-Scandalous Accounting Gaffes [Bloomberg View]

FASB admits that a 20+ year old rule on accounting for taxes isn't super helpful when it comes to accounting for taxes [AT]

The busy bees at TIGTA think the IRS needs to do some work to protect against ACA-related fraud [Bloomberg]

Imagine the IRS delivering notices via drones! [Pundits Blog via The Hill]

Cattle fraud is apparently a thing and a dude in Kansas has been sentenced to prison for it [AP]

Madoff Henchman Rats Out Co-Workers [Daily Beast]

The Sheep Marketplace scam is ongoing, with /r/sheepmarketplace trying to track down the scammer(s). Even if you aren't into Bitcoin and other such things you may not understand, you're talking about a $100 million theft and watching amateur Internet forensic accountants chasing the trail in real time, which is pretty amaze… unless the whole thing was an FBI honey pot anyway, in which case, carry on. [Daily Dot]