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Footnotes: Buying Cars With Bitcoin; The Hot Gift Is Already Gone; “It Was No Enron” | 12.06.13

You can buy a Tesla for 91.4 Bitcoin (as of this moment) [CNN Money]

Were Nook's Books Cooked? Barnes & Noble's Accounting Investigated By SEC [Forbes]

1000 limited edition $450 Starbucks gift cards sold out in a matter of seconds [KFOR TV]

As of October, consumer credit is up $18.2 billion, the most in 5 months [IBD]

Apple plans to stalk you if you're hanging out in their store [Fox]

Ex-Goldman Trader Sentenced to 9 Months in Prison [DealBook]

Careful, they're trying to get your highschooler hooked on accounting. For generations, comedians have had their fun with the image of accountants. But forget the stereotypes. Accounting is cool these days, says Julie Mann, who teaches an advanced accounting honors class at Owensboro High School. "Accounting isn't as boring as it used to be," she said. "And there's a potential to make a lot of money." [Messenger-Inquirer]

Ex Tyco CEO says his fraud was bad and stuff but it was no Enron [NY Daily News]

Craze for coveted craft brews creates black market Fancy a pint of Pliny the Elder or Heady Topper double India pale ales, but can't find it in your neighborhood? Get out your wallet. As craft brews gain an intense following, a black market bloomed in which opportunists sell for hundreds of dollars top-rated beers that are hard to find, in short supply, expensive or illegal to ship. In Vermont, a Burlington woman was charged recently with selling five cases of the popular Heady Topper beer for $825 on Craigslist, which brought about mixed feelings for its brewer. [AP]