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Footnotes: Pass the Fried Chicken; NQ Mobile Has a Good Day; PCAOB Mulling Over New Audit Standard | 06.04.14

Billy Walters: No wrongdoing with Phil Mickelson, Icahn "I can tell you one thing, there ain't going to be anything to come out of this other than someone spending a lot of time and a lot of money," Walters told USA TODAY Sports. "Because I certainly haven't violated any insider trading laws. [USA Today]

U.S. Organizations Falling Behind in Fight Against Cyber Crime, Study Says PwC is thrilled their report is making the rounds [TIME]

The city of Chattanooga is hoping fifth time will be a charm on its streetlight audit [CTFP]

Some tips on being more assertive in order to be a better communicator Hint: assertive and asshole are not interchangeable [Lifehacker]

For the report wonks out there, Thomsen Reuters just dropped "An Overview of the Revised Accounting Model for Revenue Recognition" [TR]

Taxpayers in Dallas must really, really like fried chicken [Dallas Morning News]

Taking a Chance on a Health Insurance Strategy the I.R.S. May Not Approve [NYT]

NQ Mobile Jumps as Company Investigation Finds No Fraud [Bloomberg]

PCAOB to Consider Adopting an Auditing Standard on Related Parties, Amendments Regarding Significant Unusual Transactions, and Other Amendments [PCAOB]

This right here is why you shouldn't run around the zoo in a gorilla suit [Gawker]