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Friday Footnotes: Open Your Heart to a Hiring Manager; The Worst Billionaire; Trust No Open Workforce B**ch | 02.06.15

The Open Workforce Presents New Challenges (and Opportunities) for Finance Professionals Can you trust 'em? "The good news is that this new workforce is more mobile, collaborative, agile and open. It allows companies to augment their capabilities or scale-down their operations with unprecedented speed, spurring new ideas while also creating substantial cost savings. But there’s a downside as well. Open workforce talent generally does not feel loyalty to a particular organization. This could lead to new risks, including theft of intellectual property, information leaks, fraud or corruption." [AICPA Insights]

Check this out [Twitter]

7 Key Habits For Building Better Relationships For human beings who have never interacted with another human being [Fast Company]

TurboTax halts state filings amid fraud outbreak They're working on getting to the bottom of it [USA Today]

2015’s dirty dozen tax scams At the top of the list: the one where a guy with an Indian accent threatens you with jail [Journal of Accountancy]

How to Become the Most Interesting Accountant in Just 6 Steps You could start with a sassy coffee mug [AccountingWEB]

This may come in handy [Twitter]

What Hiring Managers Actually Want to Know About You Are you confident? Do you smell? How much will you cost? So many questions, so little time. [Lifehacker]

Who Was Gen. Tso, and Why Does He Have His Own Chicken? A Great New Doc Explains. I have waited a lifetime for this documentary [Slate]

Corporate-tax reform in America [The Economist]

McDonald's Creates Worst Marketing Campaign in History of Marketing Eww creepy, don't touch me. [Mother Jones]

Look at This Broke Motherfucker: Brazilian Guy Has Negative $1.2 Billion Wow, I thought I had bad credit… [Gawker]