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Footnotes: All the Money is in DC; The Pentagon Sucks At Money Management; The SEC’s Latest Whistleblower Report Is Here | 11.18.13

A Biglaw partner — who kinda sorta specializes in finance — lost $19.5 million, or rather may have let her husband steal it [Above the Law]

I will give a Bitcoin to anyone who can explain to me how, exactly, Bitcoin goes anywhere but apparently it's up 107% [CNBC]

Washington is where the money is at (duh) [Washington Post]

Accounting Fraud And Waste Is Standard Procedure at the Pentagon [The Atlantic Wire]

Australian "rural services" company Elders may have some accounting problems on its hands [ABC AU]

Because they have pretty much never appeared on this website (that's probably a good thing, at least for them), we'll share this good news out of RBZ [PRWeb]

Even if U.S. public companies would be required to use IFRS until the year 2085, it's still a good idea to know your international rules if you want to stay competitive [Compliance Week – subscription]

PwC will see KPMG's books for kids and raise them laptops (in Bermuda, at least) [Royal Gazette]

The SEC has released its 2013 Annual Report to Congress on the Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Program []

ALERT THE MEDIA, Butterball is reporting a shortage of "large, fresh" turkeys. No word if they can meet demand with small, not fresh ones [Baltimore Sun]