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Footnotes: Slaves, Luck and Senators OH MY | 06.13.14

Unlucky Friday The 13th? U.S. Stocks End Up For The Day But Down For The Week [Forbes]

Some senators are butthurt about the way the Pentagon does its accounting [Reuters]

P.F. Chang's Confirms It's Another In Litany Of Credit Card Breaches [CRN]

Twitter COO resignation a symptom of challenges The move fits into a pattern of fewer companies employing chief operating officers, a role meant to free CEOs to focus on strategy. However, the specifics of Rowghani's exit likely has more to do with Twitter's current growth challenges and pressure from investors. [CBS MoneyWatch]

The merger of Kennedy and Coe LLC and Matsom and Isom have formed an AG powerhouse? Agriculture, that is. Not the AG you all are used to (as in me) [Sac Business Journal]

The news of the creepy Florida CPA who kept women as sex slaves finally made its way to New York [NYP]