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Footnotes: Bain and PwC; Muni Bond Interest on the Chopping Block?; Isaac Blows | 08.28.12

Bain Capital Partners and PwC: A Rich and Varied Relationship [AB]

Should Congress Curb Tax-Exempt Municipal Bonds? [T]here is the politics [to consider]. Is Congress really going to tell bondholders that those tax-exempts they bought in good faith (and at relatively low yields) are now going to become taxable? Imagine seniors with pitchforks. On the other hand, if Congress limits the exemption for new bonds but lets old paper remain tax-free, states trying to borrow will be forced to compete for buyers with their own old (tax-free) debt. Imagine state and local finance officers with pitchforks. [TaxVox]

Isaac Upgraded to Category 1 Hurricane [NYT]

IRS Reminds Truckers Their Tax Returns are Due [AT]

How Much Would You Pay To See A Photo Of Ryan Lochte’s Alleged Penis? Please consider appropriate valuation techniques. [Deadspin]