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Accounting News Roundup: CFOs Make Career Moves; Tokin’ on a Business Trip; Accounting Firms That Cold Call | 06.15.15

CFO Departures Often Involve Career Moves: Study [CFOJ]
According to Audit Analytics, out of 290 CFO departures that disclosed a reason, 90 were due to "another opportunity" and 29 were "[to] pursue other interests."

Twitter CFO’s Ascent Creates New Power Center [WSJ]
Legg Mason's Bill Miller offers a ringing endorsement: "He’s one of the adults in the room."

When Private Equity Firms Give Retirees the Short End [DealBook]
Discounts obtained by private equity firms from lawyers and auditors that are, "not always share[d] fully with investors" have been discovered at 12 firms with an additional 29 that have "potential conflicts."

CFO Signatures a Tip-off to Fishy Accounting [R&CJ]
As we've noted before, "The odds of an accounting restatement are more than 25% higher when narcissistic CFOs put their big 'John Hancock' on those certifications."

Cold calling [ABD]
An anecdote about a business development person making cold calls sounds painful.

Smoked Pot on a Business Trip 🙁 [r/accounting]
Someone sounds paranoid.

Arnold Schwarzenegger voices Waze as the Terminator [USAT]
Drive with me if you want to live.